McDade-Woodcock, Inc., is synonymous with commercial/industrial electrical construction excellence, and looks forward to the challenges of the Twenty First Century and the opportunities ahead.

McDade-Woodcock, Inc. is an electrical, instrumentation and control contractor focusing on commercial, industrial, municipal projects and service department. We specialize in water, wastewater, medium-voltage distribution, high-tech, clean rooms, institutional, data centers, and renewable facilities. We excel in complex, fast-paced, cutting-edge projects for today’s demands.

McDade-Woodcock, Inc. believes people are the building blocks of success. Employing professional, technically sound personnel, utilizing the best practices of proactive management and the concept of accountability are some of the ways McDade-Woodcock, Inc. continually strives to be the best.

With our Corporate office in Albuquerque, NM and branch office in Denver, CO, McDade-Woodcock, Inc. can support your construction efforts throughout the South Western United States. McDade-Woodcock, Inc. works as a Sub-Contractor and as the Prime Contractor on special instances. Our project sizes range from $5,000 to $50,000,000. Our Bonding capacity is up to $75,000,000 aggregate with single project bonding up to $50,000,000.

Thirty nine years of Construction Experience, Aggressive Proactive Management and Field Staff, Financing, Bonding and Equipment are the foundations that allow McDade-Woodcock, Inc. to undertake and successfully execute unique and challenging projects and provide Owners, Engineers and General Contractors a quality project built on time and within budget.

Services offered are Prime/Sub-Contract “Hard Dollar Bidding”, Design Assist, Design/Build, Conceptual Budgeting, Procurement and Schedule impact analysis.

Powered by Safety

  • Over 1.2 million man hours worked without Lost Accident Time
  • McDade-Woodcock, Inc.’s Safety Program is an evolving process routinely assessed and evaluated to ensure that our programs are consistent with Best Management Practices, policies and protocols.
  • We invite and encourage all employees, clients and agencies to review and comment on our Safety Program and procedures. We value the input which in turn helps ensure our program effectiveness

Licensed Electrical Contractor in the following states:

  • New Mexico
  • Colorado
  • Arizona
  • Texas
  • Wyoming

Industry Affiliations

  • DBIA
  • NUCA
  • NECA
  • AGC

McDade-Woodcock, Inc. has experience on many technically sophisticated electrical projects:

  • The New Mexico Consortium, completed the Summer of 2013, is an office and laboratory facility formed by three New Mexico Research universities. The project consisted of the construction of a 27,000 square foot laboratory and office with a 4,000 square foot research greenhouse in Los Alamos, NM. Included within the facility are unique biological laboratories, glass houses, ponds and other plant/algae growth-related facilities. The facility will be used by a team of researchers to study the areas of energy security, solar energy and food security. This fully automated greenhouse can be temperature and humidity controlled to be able to study plants in specialized environments. The buildings electrical, mechanical and plumbing systems were designed to allow for operational use of the greenhouse prior to completion of other components due to a seamless point of separation.
  • As a design/build, new source of reliable and sustainable water supply, The Buckman Direct Diversion Water Treatment Plant (BDD) project consists of a new water delivery, treatment, and distribution system to provide sustainable water to meet current and future demands in the Santa Fe, NM area. The BDD project will include an 18-million gallon per day (mgd) raw water diversion and conveyance system to pump Rio Grande water approximately 15 miles south to presedimentation ponds at the water treatment plant (WTP) site. The new WTP will have a finished water capacity of 15-mgd. Finished water is then pumped and piped to two points in the existing distribution system zones; existing Booster Station 3 and 10-million gallon (MG) tank, and existing system at the southern extent of the system.
  • Aurora Reservoir Water Purification Facility (ARWPF) is a 50-mgd facility that will treat water delivered from the Prairie Waters Project through pumping stations and transmission pipelines. The ARWPF includes softening, ultraviolet-light/advanced oxidation, filtration and granular activated carbon absorption, and finished water pumping. The ARWPF will also treat up to 33 mgd of flow from the Aurora Reservoir for blending with the Prairie waters supply to control the concentration of dissolved solids in the finished water. Residuals will be dried in open lagoons.
  • Completion in April 2010 and located on the Health Sciences Center Campus of the University of New Mexico, this state of the art, 195,000 SF, 5-Story, secure facility will be capable of providing emergency response to public health and safety more effectively. The New Mexico Tri-Services Laboratory will house three agencies, the New Mexico Department of Health Scientific Laboratory Division (SLD), the New Mexico Office of the Medical Investigator (OMI), and the Department of Agriculture Veterinary Diagnostic Services (VDS).
  • Construction of The Albuquerque Bernalillo County Water Treatment Plant, which will divert surface water from the Rio Grande and pump into the water treatment plant. Up to 92.5 million gallons per day can be treated using enhanced coagulation and ozone/bio filtration technology for disinfection and taste and odor control. It has a pre-sedimentation storage capacity of 100mg and finished water storage of 22 mg. The plant is expandable to 120-mgd treatment for future demands. The design and construction of the treatment facility included a new administration building, equipment maintenance, the water system operations center, a water quality testing laboratory. A SCADA system provides Albuquerque with extensive operational flexibility to supply any part of the city’s eight trunks and 12 pressure zones.
  • Installing the first ever Medium Voltage “Pure Wave” UPS system in the country as a design/build subcontractor for S&C Electric on a project which provided Clean & Emergency Power for a new 1,000,000 + Square Foot Microchip Fabrication Plant located in Rio Rancho, the Intel Fab 11X project was also fast track delivery.
  • McDade-Woodcock, Inc. has provided electrical services on many power & emergency power upgrade projects for hospitals, Sandia National Labs and the University of New Mexico.
  • Fast Track Data Centers, Collocation & Switching Facilities, constructed in 6 months, including Generators, 5KV, 15KV and 480V Power Distribution, Signal Reference Grids (SRG) and extensive grounding & shielding requirements.
  • Technical Research Facilities such as the High Explosives Components Facility for Sandia National Labs.
  • Mission Critical Facilities such as the Emergency Operations Facility for Los Alamos National Labs, Operations Support Facility at Schriever AFB and the Mission Support Facility at Peterson AFB.

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