PNM Authorized Contractor

    How Can an Authorized Contractor Help You?


    As a PNM Authorized Contractor, McDade-Woodcock, Inc. can assist
    you in maximizing your savings and assist in the PNM rebate process.
    Our staff can guide you through the rebate process for upgraded LED
    Lighting or EV charging station installations. We can assist in the
    selection of qualified products, help you design your project, and
    provide outstanding service and installation.

Lighting Energy Efficiency Programs

    New Construction Program

    PNM’s New Construction Program grants PNM business customers rebates for designing high performance buildings.  We can assist general contractors and engineers with design-build projects for high-performance buildings.  Let us assist in selecting qualified products and designing custom lighting controls that meet your facilities needs.

    Retrofit Rebate Program

    PNM’s Retrofit Rebate Program grants PNM businesses customers rebates for retrofitting or replacing high intensity discharge fixtures and fluorescent fixtures with LED and installing lighting controls such as occupancy sensors and photocells.  LED fixtures must be on PNM’s Approved Products List to qualify.

    The key to guaranteeing your rebate is by submitting a Pre-Notification Application. 


    Let us help you lock in the highest rebate possible and take advantage of PNM’s Third Party Payment to have your rebate applied directly to your installation invoice.

EV Transportation Electrification Program (TEP)

    PNM’s Electrical Vehicle (EV) Transportation Electrification Program (TEP) offers rebates for residential customers and incentive payments to commercial businesses who install qualified EV Supply Equipment (EVSE). We can provide you with a consultation including site infrastructure requirements and any potential upgrades needed as well as assist in the selection and installation of qualified chargers.


    Residential Customers
    As a residential PNM customer,
    there are several advantages to
    enrolling in the Transportation
    Electrification Program.
    · Earn up to $500.00 for
    installation of a qualified
    level 2 charger.
    · Low-to-Moderate Income (LMI)
    customers can qualify for an
    additional $2,000.00 towards
    the cost of required electrical
    upgrades. LMI is defined as
    less than 200% of the federal
    poverty level. We do not
    require and will not ask for
    financial information.

    · Enroll in PNM’s Whole Home
    Electric Vehicle Rate which
    allows EV owners to charge
    their vehicle at a reduced rate
    from 10:00 pm – 5:00 am.


    Business Customers
    PNM’s commercial EV program
    uses the following categories:
    · Public Direct Current Fast
    · Public L2 Charging
    · Workplace & Fleet L2
    · Multi-Family L2 Charging
    · Mass Transit ChargingNo matter what category your
    business falls into we can assist
    in the installation of qualified
    charging stations and walk you
    through the rebate process.
    Low-to-moderate income
    communities are eligible for
    additional rebates to go towards
    the installation of electrical
    service upgrades. These
    communities are determined
    using the EPA EJScreen mapping
    tool here.


    Share EV data with PNM and receive a discounted electricity rate, it’s a win-win!


    PNM customers who enroll in the Electric Vehicle Transportation Electrification Program agree to share their charger usage data with PNM to help learn more about the new demands EV’s will have on the grid. By sharing your data with PNM, you are helping them serve New Mexico better and you gain access to an EV specific rate.


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