Ina Road Water Reclamation Facility

Recently completed, modification of the existing 37.5 million gallon per day (mgd) treatment process for the Ina Road Water Reclamation Facility in Tucson, Arizona will help to reduce the nutrients and toxicity levels from the facility’s effluent. Renovations and improvements include adding, modifying, replacing and expanding various components in the existing treatment process, such as Aeration Tanks, Secondary Clarifiers, Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA), High-Purity Oxygen System, Power Generation and Distribution Facilities, Biological Nutrient Removal Activated Sludge system, and an additional 12.5 mgd Bardenpho process treatment train. In addition, these modifications and expansions will include extensive odor control and consolidation of bio-solids processing and disposal. Odor control includes treatment of odors from all process units for both newly constructed facilities and existing/retrofitted facilities. The bio-solids expansions will consist of digesters and associated equipment and processes, which will facilitate methane production to be used as bio fuel at the facility.